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Empowering Tech Confidence and Nurturing Creativity!

Tech-nervous or tech-savvy, I've got your back!

Feeling apprehensive about technology? I provide gentle guidance to empower tech confidence. Through personalized support and mindful instruction, I'll help you master the basics and build your confidence step by step.

Already comfortable with tech but seeking a digital diversion? Nurturing Creativity Services offers calming coloring experiences and more to spark your imagination.

Here's how I can help you:

  • 🤝 One-on-One Coaching: Learn to organize your digital life and schedule with confidence using productivity apps and planners.
  • 👫 Group Sessions: Join small, supportive groups for shared learning and community connection.
  • 🎓 Train-the-Trainer Workshops: Empower caregivers or group leaders with skills to effectively train others.

Hire Information 📋

  • 👩‍🏫Trainer for Hire: Available for personalized tech training and workshops.
  • 🎨Digital Creator for Hire: Expertise in creating unique digital content and print-ready files. Hire for unique digital content creation as well as other business services. If you are looking for something on Etsy, Ask Angie instead!

Let's infuse your tech journey with calmness and make your digital experience seamless and enjoyable.
Explore my services to find the perfect fit for you!

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Empowering Tech Confidence

Empowering Tech Confidence Nurturing Creativity

Tech Nervous?

🌸 **Summer ** 🌸

Summer is here, and schedules may be all over the place. Group trainings might be on hold, but one-on-one sessions can replace the planned Saturday group sessions. Group sessions can be requested anytime. Keep an eye on our Facebook group for any updates on training dates and join the group to stay informed! See the link below!

Feel free to reach out for any specific training needs. Let’s make this summer a season of learning and growth together! Stay tuned for more updates, and don’t forget to spread the word!

🌿 **Training Session Options** 🌿

🤝 **One-on-One Coaching**: Personalized sessions tailored to your unique needs.

👫 **Group Sessions**: Join small, supportive groups for shared learning and community connection.

🎓 **Train-the-Trainer Workshops**: Empower caregivers or group leaders with skills to effectively train others.

Explore our service page for more information!


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Nurturing Creativity

Empowering Tech Confidence Nurturing Creativity

 Seeking A Digital Diversion?

🎨 **Creative Services** 🎨

📚 **Colouring Books**: Unleash your inner artist with our captivating collection of colouring books. Fun for all ages!

📅 **Daily Planners, Journals, Calendars & BookMarks & more**: Stay organized with daily planners, journals designed for personal reflection, and calendars.

📖 **Activity Books**: Dive into adventure with our engaging activity books, perfect for sparking creativity and exploration. Perfect for a local visitor centre! 

🎨 **Buddy Art & Colouring Notepads**: Foster connection and creativity through buddy art! Perfect for Senior Activities, Teachers, Educators, Homeschools, and Summer Camps & more!

 🎁 **Customized Packages**: Tailored solutions for your unique needs. Let us create a personalized package just for you.

💼 Custom Business Cards & Flyers: Unique designs to make your business stand out.

Explore our service page for more information!


Ask Angie Spotlight Opportunity:

Showcasing local businesses, fundraisers, and unique websites. Gain visibility and support from the community.
Contact me to share your story and be featured! ​

Donation Drive

“We spend our days fighting/thinking of poverty in so many different locations of the Fraser Valley.
Our goal is to try & break down some of the immediate hardships to create short and sometimes long-term solutions.
⭐️⭐️This is one of the easy ways you can help us to reach our goals ! ” ~ A.L. ⭐️⭐️



The medical system is broken!

Cheryl’s Battle with Stage 4 Gastric Cancer
Cheryl, a 46-year-old mother from Whitehorse, Yukon, is fighting Stage 4 Gastric Cancer. Despite persistent efforts, she faced significant delays and misdiagnoses in our healthcare system. Her condition rapidly worsened, leading to a critical diagnosis in March 2024.

How You Can Help Support Cheryl by donating, sharing her story, and helping her focus on recovery.

Visit GoFundMe to contribute and spread the word.

Erica Press

Erica Press is the number one printing company within the District of Hope British Columbia! Erica Press is your go-to print shop offering a wide range of services such as – large format copy & print, guest registrations, signs, calendars, and numerous sublimation items. 

Stop by the shop to see their latest creations, including the Rambo and Othello Tunnels clocks. You can add your family photo to these special pieces to create heirlooms that can be passed down for generations. 

Learn more at Erica Publishing.

Spuzzum Institute of Technology (SpIT)!

Ready to inject a dose of laughter into your day? Dive into the whimsical world of Spuzzum Institute of Technology (SpiT)! Unleash your creativity, break free from the ordinary and discover joy in unconventional thinking. Take a break, have some fun and explore SpiT’s unique perspective-it’s the coolest way to brighten your day! Are you familiar with the Gazelle and want to see it online? 

Learn more at Spuzzum Institue of Technology(SpiT)!

Made By Marty

Discover unique handmade crafts and personalized gifts from Made by Marty, a local artisan dedicated to creating memorable pieces. Support a small business that brings creativity and heart to every project. 

Visit their Facebook page for more details

K Cleaning Group Inc.!

K Cleaning Group Inc. offers top-tier commercial cleaning services across Fraser Valley, catering to diverse business needs with customized cleaning plans. Their services include regular office cleaning, deep cleaning, and specialized cleaning for industries such as medical, educational, and hospitality. With a commitment to eco-friendly practices, reliable and consistent service, and a professional team, K Cleaning Group ensures a pristine and productive environment for all clients. Contact them for a cleaner, healthier workspace.

Learn more at K Cleaning Group Inc.

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